US Bomb, 1000 lb GP, BLU-110A/B




These are general purpose low drag (GPLD) high explosive (HE) filled bombs. They can be used against personnel, moderately reinforced concrete, and light armor. Both fragmentation and blast effect are produced.

The bombs are painted olive drab and have a yellow band (76mms (3.00 inches) wide) around the nose and tail or around the nose only. Thermally insulated bombs have two yellow bands (each 76mms (3.00 inches) wide) around the nose. Yellow lettering is stenciled around the body near the nose. Die-stamped markings on the side of the body include the Mk and Mod, ordnance drawing number, and type and weight of the explosive charge. Thermally insulated bombs are stenciled THERMALLY PROTECTED after the bomb nomenclature.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

Afghanistan Ordnance ID Guide, Volume 1 (2004)