Other Names

Britain - Alumatol; Burrowite; Minol; Nobel's 704

Germany - Ammonpulver

Hungary - Ammoniás robbano-anyag

Italy - Nitramite; Avigliana 3; Toluol Ammonal

Japan - Ammonaru

Spain - Amonal


Originally, Ammonals were not considered very favorably for military applications due to the shortage and high price of aluminum powder, and because the full effectiveness of aluminum in explosives was not realized. During WW II the use of Ammonals became very popular and several new formulations were developed for a wide variety of uses in ammunition.

Ammonals were used in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and USA.

In the United States, Ammonals are used in shells for testing purposes due to the brilliant flash produced on explosion of the charge.


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