Ammonium Picrate

Other Names

Ammonium 2,4,6-trinitrophenolate, Explosive D

Britain - Dunnite; Ammonium trinitrophenolate

France - Picrate d'ammoniaque

Germany - Ammoniumpikrat

Hungary - Dunnit robbanóanyag

Italy - Picrato ammonico; Picrato d'ammonio

Japan - Pikurinsan Ammonia

Russia - Pikrat ammonia; Pikrinovokislyi amonii

Spain - Picrato amónico


Since 1900 it has been used as an ingredient of military propellent and high explosive compositions. The terms Explosive D or Dunnite were code names originally applied to keep the composition secret.

The insensitivity of Ammonium Picrate to shock makes it a suitable bursting charge for armor piercing projectiles. It is also an ingredient of Picratol which can be cast loaded, and is used in some propellent compositions.


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