US Ammunition, Blank, M12, M13




Blank ammunition was designed to serve three purposes: firing salutes; firing the morning and evening guns; and firing in maneuvers. This ammunition is identical in construction to that provided for 75mm guns.

A complete round of blank ammunition utilizes a cut-down service cartridge case. This is accomplished by cutting the case down to proper length, and then reaming out the open end of the case and reducing the metal thickness. This cut down case uses the M1B1A1, 100 grain, percussion primer and contains 1 pound of black powder in a fitted cloth bag. The charge is held in place by the insertion of a chipboard closing cup in the mouth of the case. On the bottom of the closing cup is cemented a 0.5-inch felt wad. This cup with its felt wad is sealed in the mouth of the case with Pettman cement and confines the charge of powder to produce loud report. Ordinarily, a sodium nitrate type powder is used; however, if potassium nitrate type is used, the felt wad is omitted as the report from the powder is loud enough without the use of the wad.

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