US Bomb, 100 lb Chemical, Mk 42




The body of the bomb was constructed as a steel tube, swaged at the aft end. An adapter screwed into the nose and was threaded to receive the fuze. A burster tube, containing TNT, ran along the center line of the bomb body. The aft end of the burster tube was counterlevered near the end of the bomb. The aft end of the body was closed by a male baseplate, which was threaded so the tail assembly could be fitted.

The bomb was equipped with two suspension lugs 14 inches apart and equidistant from the center of gravity. One lug on the opposite side of the bomb was located at the center of gravity.

The tail assembly, 9.46 inches long and 11 inches wide, was made of sheet steel. The tail was the box type with four fins secured by a locking nut.

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