US Bomb, 100 lb Depth, Mk 52




This is a light-case, fast sinking, round-nose bomb for use by airships. It is carried in a Bomb Rack Mk 58 and, accordingly, has no trunnions, trunnion bands, or suspension lugs. A cylindrical shroud is fastened to the tail section by four vanes. The entire tail assembly is fastened to the rear of the bomb body by six flat-head machine screws. A cast-iron nose, into which is fitted a booster can, is secured to the bomb body. The bomb is filled with either TNT or Torpex. The Nose Fuze Mk 140 will normally function on impact with a solid object below the surface of the water, but will also function upon striking the surface of the water at any velocity greater than approximately 300 feet per second. This velocity may be attained in a free fall from a vertical height of 1,400 feet.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

OP 1664, Volume 2 - US Explosive Ordnance (1947)