US Bomb, 100 lb Practice, Mk 15 Mod 2, 3, 4




These bombs are impact fired signal-generating, practice bombs used for training aircrews.

Practice bomb Mk 15 Mod 2 is identical to the Mod 3 except that it is not adapted for the use of a fuze and signal. It is filled with water or a mixture of sand and water for spotting purposes. For training purposes, a small washer may be soldered to the nose of the bomb to simulate a fuze.

Practice bomb Mk 15 Mod 3 has a light cased, cylindrical body with a threaded filling hole in its rounded nose. A box fin assembly consisting of four metal vanes attached to a cone is welded to the aft end of the body. The bomb is used with practice bomb signal Mk 7 Mod 0 and inert fuze Mk 247 Mod 0 both of which are secured to the aft end of the bomb.

The practice bomb Mk 15 Mod 4 is a light cased, cylindrical bomb with a round nose and an integral box fin and cone. A flash tube, extending throughout its transverse axis, houses a pyrotechnic signal and firing pin assembly.

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