US Bomb, 100 lb Target Identification, M75A1, M84A1




Target Identification Bombs M84A1 and M75A1 are identical with the exception of the fuze, and the two bombs are similar in construction to the Chemical Bomb AN-M47A2. The body is of sheet metal with box-type tail fins welded to the conical section. The Burster M4 runs through the entire length of the bomb and is closed at the forward end by a closing plug. A filling plug is placed in the fin cone of the bomb body, to facilitate loading the hematite charge (red iron oxide). The fuze fits into the forward end of the burster.

Remarks: The Target Identification Bomb M84A1 is intended for release by the lead or ’’pathfinder” plane to indicate the bomb-release line for bomber's in formation when operations are carried out above an overcast and ground targets are not visible. The bomb was designed to produce a red smoke cloud which would remain at the bursting point for a period of ten minutes under normal air conditions and would be visible for a distance of 15 miles at an altitude of 25,000 feet.

The M75A1 is used for target identification in practice, to mark targets on snow-covered bombing ranges.

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