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The T2 1000 pound chemical bomb was essentially an AN-M65 1000 pound general purpose bomb modified for chemical filling. It had a bursting charge sufficient to break the body into a few large pieces and disperse the filler, and it was adapted for both a nose and a tail fuze. The modifications included two filling holes and a test hole in the side of the body, and a full length burster well extending down the axis of the bomb. The filling holes were closed with 0.5-inch standard pipe plugs, and the test hole was closed with a 0.5-inch standard pipe plug. The threads on the filling and test hole plugs were tinned with solder to ensure a tight seal. The test hole was used when the bomb was inspected after manufacture by the application of 1000 pounds per square inch of hydraulic pressure internally, and later as a vent hole when the bomb was filled through one of the filling holes. The filling holes were located diametrically opposite the two double-suspension lugs; that is, on a fore-and-aft line through the single British-type suspension lug. The test hole was midway between the aft filling hole and single suspension lug. The aft filling hole was unnecessary, subsequent to the manufacture of the T2 bombs, and has been plugged and welded to minimize the possibility of leakage. The burster well was a 2.25-inch outside diameter by 0.25-inch wall steel tube welded into the tail plug of the bomb and the nose of the bomb. The tail plug was screwed into the bomb and welded. The box-type fin assembly was the same type used with the AN-M65, 1000-pound general purpose bomb.

Only the AC loaded bombs were equipped with a special plug containing a sampling valve in place of the forward 1.25-inch plug in the side of the bomb. The valve was approximately flush with the surface of the bomb and has a 0.25-inch spindle and an outlet with one-eighth inch standard pipe threads. The outside threads of the valve were tinned with solder before installation of the valve. The valve was used for special surveillance tests on the AC filler every 60 days or just prior to shipment.

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