US Bomb, 1000 lb GP, Mk 36





Nose — AN-Mk 219, Mk 221, Mk 243 Mod 0, Mk 244 Mods 0-1, Mk 239.

Tail — Mk 223 or Mk 229 Mod 3.

General: The 1,000-pound Bomb Mk 36, is a modified version of the 1,000 pound G.P. Bomb, AN-M44. These modifications provide for the use of Nose Fuzes AN-Mk 219 or Mk 221, the use of Tail Fuzes Mk 223 or Hydrostatic Mk 229 Mod 3, a Navy type hoisting lug and guide key, trunnions for dive bombing, and an explosive filling of TNT, rather than 50-50 Amatol.

Description: This bomb has two suspension lugs, spaced 14 inches apart, welded to the bomb body for suspension from double-hook racks and shackles. A guide key is provided on the opposite side of the bomb for sling suspension.

The GP Bomb Mk 36 was designed primarily by the Navy as an alternate for the 1,000-pound GP Bomb Mk 13 Mod 2.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

OP 1664, Volume 2 - US Explosive Ordnance (1947)