US Bomb, 1000 lb GP, Mk 3, Mk 5, Mk 9, Mk 13 Mod 0-2





Nose — AN-Mk 219 (Instantaneous). Requires Adapter Ring Mk 219 and one additional Auxiliary Booster Mk 1. Mk 221 (0.01 second delay). Mk 243 Mod 0, Mk 244 Mods 0-1, Mk 239.

Tail — Mk 223 (0.01 second delay), Mk 229; Mk 229 Mod 3, Mk 230 and Mods.

Body construction: One-piece drawn or forged steel; cylindrical with ogival nose.

Suspension: The bomb is suspended horizontally by two suspension lugs, or by trunnions on the band around the body for dive bombing. A torpedo sling guide key is welded to the bomb for suspension in torpedo slings.

Color and markings: The bomb is painted grey over all, with an 11-inch yellow disc between the suspension lugs to indicate 11.E.

Tail construction: Four vanes welded to the tail cone, which is secured to the body by a locking nut which screws onto the threaded collar of the base plate.

In order to get a wider selection of possible tail fuzings, use an Adapter Booster M102 with a 0.47-inch spacer ring, and install any of the following fuzes: AN-M102A2, M114A1, or M117.

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