US Bomb, 1000 lb Practice, Mk 66 Mod 0




This bomb is authorized for all types of service usage, including catapult and jet-assisted takeoffs and arrested landings. It is used with the Mk 6 signal and inert fuze Mk 247 Mod 0. The signal is seated in a recess in the tail end of the bomb body and is secured to the fin assembly by a clamp provided with the signal.

Practice bomb Mk 66 Mod 0 has a light cased, cylindrical body constructed from welded sheet steel sections. It has an ogival nose and a tapered aft end, to which a box-fin assembly is bolted. A threaded filling hole is located in the nose plug and gasket. The nose plug is wired to a small bracket welded to the nose. A second filler hole, located on the side of the bomb, is capped with a circular plate and gasket, secured to the bomb with hex head bolts. Two suspension lugs 14 inches apart are welded to the bomb body and seven threaded recesses are located on the periphery of the bomb at the approximate center of gravity.

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