US Bomb, 1000 lb Practice, Mk 88 Mod 0




This bomb is similar in size and shape to the general purpose Mk 83 series and is authorized for all types of service use. It is used with firing pin assembly Mk 1 Mod 0 and signal Mk 4 Mod 3, both of which are seated in the forward end of the flash tube and locked in place by a cotter pin.

Practice bomb Mk 88 Mod 0 has a long slender body and is constructed of thin sheet metal, with internal reinforcement for the sway brace and ejection areas. Internal bulkheads and channel reinforcements provide for rigidity of the casing. The bomb has a sharp nose and a tapered aft end to which four fin blades are attached. The blades are equally spaced, approximately 5.5 inches forward of the tail end, and are canted 2 degrees for added stability. Two filling holes are located topside in the bomb body and are sealed with filler caps. A single hoisting lug is screwed into the body over the approximate center of gravity. Two suspension lugs, 14 inches apart and equidistant from the hoisting lug, are threaded into recesses in the bomb body. A blast tube, extending the length of the bomb, houses a pyrotechnic charge and firing-pin assembly.

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