British Bomb, 112 lb RL, Mk 5, Mk 6, Mk 8




The body of these bombs is a single streamlined casting, steel for Mks V and VII and iron for Mk VI, threaded at the nose and tail to take adapters for the central exploder tube.

The tail of the Bomb Mk V consists of four tail fins, which fit over the body and are fastened in place with screws. Two sets of box-type struts reinforce the tail fins.

The tail assembly of the Bombs Mk VI and Mk VII consists of a tail cone, which slides over the after end of the bomb body and is secured by a locknut on the exploder tube. Four tail fins are riveted on the cone and are held in place by two sets of box-type struts.

The Bomb Mk V has a U-shaped eye-bolt secured to the body with screws at the center of gravity.

The Bombs Mk VI and Mk VII have a U-shaped eye-bolt fastened to a suspension band around the center of gravity.

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