US Bomb, 115 lb Chemical, M70, M70A1, E46, E46R1, E52




The M70 family of bombs was an aerial bomb that was fin-stabilized and cylindrical in shape with an ogive nose and conical tail section. The bomb was equipped with a burster well running, axially, the entire length of the bomb and forming the press-fit closure for the filling aperture, which was at the nose or ogive of the bomb. The burster well was also threaded to facilitate the installation of the nose fuze after the burster had been inserted into the burster well.

The tail assembly consisted of four fins welded to a sleeve, which was secured by a locking nut threading into the tail closing block.

The M70 and the M70A1 are identical with one exception: the M70 was filled with mustard (H) and the M70A1 was filled with distilled mustard (HD).

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