British Bomb, 11.5 lb Practice, Mk 1, Mk 2




The bomb consists of a nose casting, fitted with a striker assembly and a tail cone which constitutes a container for the filling, and is fitted with a central tube for a detonator burster. The nose casting is made of iron, internally threaded at the rear to receive the spigot portion of a central plug which closes the forward end of the tail cone. The interior of the nose is filled with lead, and has a clearance hole for the striker rod. The striker is secured by a cotter pin (removed when loaded), a safety pin spring-loaded outward, and a shear wire through the guide bush.

The sheet-metal tail cone, constituting the container for the filling, is closed at the rear by a conical steel tail plug and at the forward end by a central plug which screws into the rear of the nose casting. A tapped hole is provided in the central plug for filling purposes. Secured to the tail plug is a tail tube having four fins, which carry a cylindrical strut. The tail tube is closed at the rear by a cap.

The bomb is suspended bj' a single eyebolt, which threads into the bomb case.

The Bomb Mk I with smoke filling is used for daytime practice. The flash-filled Mk I is used at night.

The Bomb Mk II is made in the US of bakelite, but have now been scrapped.

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