US Bomb, 120 lb Frag, M86




The M86 consists of the 90 pound Fragmentation Bomb M82, and a Parachute Unit M5 which is screwed to the base of the bomb body in place of the normal tail fin assembly. Both units are issued separately and must be assembled prior to use.

The Parachute Unit M5 consists of a cylindrical container housing the parachute. The lid of the container is fastened by a latch, which is secured by the arming wire.

The bomb is fuzed with the Fuze AN-M120 or AN-M120A1 by using the Adapter Booster M117.

The bomb can be used in a bomb station having the clearance of a 500 pound bomb, and may be suspended singly or as a two bomb cluster with the Cluster Adapter M12. One suspension lug is welded to the bomb at the center of gravity, and two suspension bands are issued with the parachute unit. The larger- diameter band is secured on the parachute unit to be used in conjunction with the suspension lug or the smaller diameter band secured on the bomb body.

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