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British Tail Pistol No. 58 Mk 1 is used at present, but these will eventually be replaced with the Air Arming Fuzes T723, placed 120º apart in the base plate. The fuze delays which were used operationally with this bomb in the war were 0.05-second, 0.25-second, 0.5-second, 3-seconds, 11-seconds, 24 to 30 minutes, and one hour.

Body construction: The body is manufactured in two different ways. The British produced model is of cast steel, with a solid nose plug and with three exploders fitted 120º apart in the tail. The bomb bodies are issued with exploders inserted, and the exploder tubes are sealed with shipping plugs. The eventual American T10 will consist of five sections welded together. These sections are a solid nose forging, two body forgings, a rolled plate body section, and a base ring forging. The base plate, which is a forging, is held to the base ring by means of 20 studs.

The tail is attached to the after end of the bomb body by 12 studs. A cylindrical metal cowling, placed between the bomb body and the tail cone, enhances the streamlining of the bomb.

Tail construction: The special Tail Unit, No. 78 Mk 1 is constructed of light alloy and consists of a cone to which are attached four fins of streamline cross-section. The fins are set at an angle of 5° to the axis of the tail cone, giving a slight right-hand spin to the bomb as it falls. The tail fits over twelve 7/16 inch studs fitted into the bomb body, and is securely fastened to the studs by Simmonds nuts. Three hand holes in the tail cone give ready access to the three tail pistols, and an additional hole is provided for arming wires.

Suspension: The bomb is suspended in the plane by twin suspension slings.

Filling: The bomb body contains an explosive filling of Torpex with a one inch layer of TNT topping added to the after end. Four inches of wood meal/wax composition is then added, and the filling sealed with a 1/2 inch plyboard washer. The three exploders pass through holes in this washer and are held in place by a heavy base plate, which is secured by bolts to the bomb body.

The American bomb will be filled with Tritonal, with an inert tail surround.

Remarks: This bomb is designed for limited operational use, and its employment will be restricted to specially adapted very heavy bombers. Although designated a GP bomb, the T10 is essentially a deep-penetration bomb (though not armor or concrete piercing) depending for its effect upon the production of heavy shock waves as a result of the explosion of its main charge deep within the earth.

The T10 is the American designation for the British 12,000-pound DP (Deep-Penetration) “Tallboy” bomb. Except for size and fuze pocket arrangement, it is similar to the 22,000-pound GP Bomb T14.

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