US Bomb, 125 lb Chemical, M113 (T3E2)




The T3E2 125-pound bomb was designed for persistent fills in low-altitude bombing and bombing over wooded areas. It was designed to replace the 115-pound Chemical Bomb M70. Development of this item resulted from the wartime shortage of the M70 and other types of mustard bombs and provided a munition suitable for both mustard and explosive fillings, as required.

This bomb was round with an ogival nose and truncated conical rear section. The bomb body was cast or forged steel. Both double and single suspension lugs were welded to the body. The rear section tapered down to about four inches where a threaded extension was welded on to close the rear and provide mountings for both the tail fin and adapter-booster. A nose fuze seating cavity was welded in the nose. An adapter-booster seating cavity was press fitted to the rear closure extension. A burster well extended approximately two-thirds of body axial length between the nose fuze and adapter-booster cavities. Interior coating was phenolic varnish.

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Old Chemical Weapons and Related Materiel Reference Guide (2018)