US Bomb, 17 lb Practice, M37




This bomb is designed to give practice in low-altitude parachute fragmentation bombing with or without the use of a fuze. The bomb is designed for reuse after it has been dropped.

The bomb body is cylindrical in shape and is made of cast iron. Near the nose of the bomb body are two diametrically opposed holes leading into the bomb body. These holes allow for the escape of smoke from the spotting charge. At the center of gravity (6.13 inches from the nose) will be found a lug for horizontal suspension. The nose is threaded to receive the M104 Practice Bomb Nose Fuze or a closing plug. This fuze is similar to the M104 Fuze except for the omission of the booster cup and charge of tetryl. The body is hollow and receives a spotting charge assembly weighing 0.75 pound. The rear of the bomb body is closed by means of a threaded cap. The cap is threaded to receive the same parachute assembly as the 20 pound M72 Fragmentation Bomb. Attached to the parachute case are wires which end in a lug for vertical suspension. The parachute case is held securely to the threaded cup by means of a set screw. The overall length is 29.4 inches. The total weight with spotting charge (no inert filler is used) and fuze is 22.5 pounds.

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