US Bomb, 20 lb Frag, AN-M41, AN-M41A1, M41, M41A1




The 20 pound frag bomb AN-M41A1 is constructed of a thin tubular sleeve holding a steel fragmenting coil and a cast steel nose and tail pieces. The sleeve is threaded to the nose and tail pieces. The fin, assembly is made of rectangular sheet steel vanes welded to a 1-inch diameter pipe. The threaded end of the pipe is secured to the base filling plug. The nose section of the bomb is threaded to receive an impact fuze . At the center of gravity, a U-shaped eyebolt of steel is welded to the bomb case for horizontal suspension; an eyebolt is welded to the tail for vertical suspension. Approximately 13 percent of the weight of the bomb (complete) is explosive filler.

Frag bomb AN-M41, which is the earlier model, differs from the AN-M41A1 in length. A change in construction added a 1/2-inch shoulder to the nose of the bomb to facilitate clustering with unfuzed bombs. This change in design constitutes the A1 modification. Frag bomb AN-M41, when issued in cluster form, is always fuzed.

Fragmentation bomb AN-M41A2, a modification of fragmentation bomb AN-M41A1, has no suspension lug on the bomb body or on the aft end of the fin assembly.

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