British Bomb, 20 lb HE, Mk 1




The bomb has a steel, semisteel, or malleable-iron body, hollow and open at both ends, with the forward end threaded internally to receive the nose adapter, and the after end internally threaded to take the tail adapter. The nose adapter has three different-sized threads, to take the detonator holder and the exploder container from the rear, and the pistol from the front. The flange of the nose adapter is externally threaded to receive a screw-on pistol cover. The tail adapter is tapered to conform to the rearward streamlining of the body, with a central bore threaded to receive the tail rod.

The bomb has a wooden tail cone, conforming to the streamlined shape of the body. Two diametrical saw-cuts at right angles extend from the after end, over a slightly greater length than that of the tail vanes, to accommodate the four sheet-metal tail vanes, which are made in integral pairs. The tail cone is bored axially to take the tail rod. and fits into the cavity in the tail adapter.

A wrought-iron or mild steel suspension lug is riveted to the bomb body.

This bomb was intended for attacking personnel, air strips, and road transports.

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