US Bomb, 2000 lb Practice, Mk 104 Mod 0



The 2000-lb PB Mk 104 Mod 0 has a long, slender welded body and is composed of two sheet steel fore and aft conical sections and a heavy steel plate central cylindrical section. The body is internally reinforced in the sway brace and ejection areas. Internal bulkheads and a solidified filler provide for rigidity of the casing. The bomb has a conical nose cap and a tapered aft end to which four fins (two folding) are attached. Arrows on the bomb body and tail cone line up the tail cone to index position “O”. The tail cone can be rotated from position “O” and secured with two index screws at position every 15 degrees from position “O” and at positions 6 degrees 30 minutes from each 15-degree position. The index screws must be installed 180 degrees apart and staked in place. Of the four fins on the tail cone, two 180 degrees opposed are permanently fixed and the other two 180 degrees opposed are folded and latched until the bomb is released. There is a fin latch release of the folding fins by an explosive actuator at separation of the bomb. The fixed fins have no angle of incidence whereas the folding fins have a  1 1/2 degree cant, which provides a roll moment for spin stabilization in a clockwise direction as viewed from the aft end of the bomb. Two suspension lugs, 30 inches apart, are threaded into recesses in the bomb body. A blast tube, extending at a slight angle down and aft from the nose cap of the bomb to the lower rear of the aft cone weldment, houses a pyrotechnic charge and firing-pin assembly.

The bomb is filled with a concrete and steel shot mixture which is cast in place by the manufacturer of the bomb.

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