US Bomb, 2000 lb Practice, Mk 67 Mod 0




This series bomb is a welded sheet-steel light-case design having identical dimensions to AN standard GP bombs, and uses AN standard GP bomb tails. The bomb has, welded to its body, two suspension lugs spaced 14.0 inches apart. Seven threaded recesses, located on the periphery at the approximate center of gravity, are for various hoisting conditions. At 90 degrees, on each side of the suspension lugs and slightly before the hoisting recesses, arc threaded openings to receive trunnions.

By means of a strap, the appropriate practice bomb signal, Mk 6 or Mk 7, may be attached to the tail assembly with the forward end of the signal seated in a recess in the after end of the bomb body.

The 2,000 pound size container was designed for an incendiary or practice filler but, thus far, it is approved by the Bureau of Ordnance for practice filling, sand, only. As designed for incendiary loads, it would take a nose fuze, the Burster Mk 1, and the Igniter Mk 40; however this is subject to change before Bureau approval of the bomb as an incendiary. The Mk 67 has standard suspension lugs and provision for trunnions.

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