US Bomb, 2000 lb SAP, M103




Unlike smaller SAP bombs, the M103 has a solid nose, permitting tail fuzing only.

Regular missions — AN-M102A2, AN-M102A1, M162.

Special missions — M114, M114A1, M117 (minimum altitude bombing), M125, M125A1 (long delay), M134.

The body of the M103 is fabricated from seamless steel tubing, somewhat streamlined in shape and with a semi-pointed nose. No provision is made for nose fuzing in this bomb. Suspension lugs are welded to the case in a manner similar to the GP bombs. Trunnions on a band may be fitted for dive bombing. A box-type tail is employed as on the GP bombs.

Picratol, a mixture of 52% Explosive “D” and 48% TNT, is poured as the main charge, with a wax pad in the nose to cushion the explosive against premature detonation on impact with a hard target. The Adapter Booster M115A1 replaces the M102A1 fitted in the SAP Bombs AN-M58 and AN-M59.

The suspension lugs are 30 inches apart.

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