Russian Bomb, 220 kg AP, BRAB-220




These bombs are used against targets of heavy construction. They can penetrate up to 152 millimeters (6.00 inches) of hardened armor plate and 1.78 meters (70.00 inches) of reinforced concrete. This bomb is a converted 11-inch naval projectile. It has an explosive-filled tail cone fastened to the bomb body by screw threads. It has provision for tail fuze. Four fins are welded to the cone. It has two suspension bands.

The bomb cases are very thick and account for most of the bomb weight. Most AP bombs are similar in shape to GP bombs except that the nose of an armor-piercing bomb is solid and more pointed. The rocket-assisted bomb is long, cylindrical, and has an antiricochet cap on the nose. AP bombs are either cast or forged steel. Some are converted from naval projectiles.

The body is painted gray with one red, one orange or yellow nose band.

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