US Bomb, 23 lb Frag, AN-M40, AN-M40A1, M72, M72A1




Frag bomb M40A1 is a parachute-type bomb designed for assembly in clusters; however, it is also authorized for single suspension use. This bomb is used in fragmentation bomb cluster M4A2.

The M40 is 1/2 inch shorten than the M40A1 due to a change in design which added a shoulder to the nose of bomb M40A1; this change in design constitutes the “A1” modification. The M40 is used in forming the M4 cluster as well as the M4A2 cluster. The M40 and M40A1 utilize the same bodies as the M41 and M41A1. The weight difference is the difference between the parachute assembly used for the one and the fin assembly used for the other.

The 23 pound Para.-Frag. Bomb M72 is a slightly modified version of the AN-M40. It is adapted for individual suspension and can be carried in vertical cellular racks by several types of Army planes.

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