US Bomb, 25 lb Practice, BDU-33/B, BDU-33A/B




These bombs are signal generating, impact or impact inertia fired practice/simulated bombs.

The 25 pound practice bomb, BDU-33/B or BDU-33A/B has a tear-drop-shaped, cast, metal body with a hollow, round cavity lengthwise through the center of the bomb. The conical afterbody is roll-crimped into two grooves in the aft end of the bomb body. The tail tube with fins is welded to the afterbody of the bomb. Both models have a lug well positioned just forward of the center of gravity of the assembled bomb.

The BDU-33 / B has shrouded fins while the BDU-33A/B has cruciform-type fins. The BDU-33/B has the firing pin assembly and signal assembled into the nose cavity of the body and secured in place by a safety (cotter) pin. The BDU-33A/B contains an inertia tube in addition to the firing pin assembly and signal. These three components are assembled into the central cavity of the afterbody and tailtube and secured in place by a safety (cotter) pin.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 9-1325-200, Bombs and Bomb Components (1966)