German Bomb, 250 kg Chemical, KC 250




All 250 kilogram German chemical bombs used identical casings. The fill, markings, and fuzes were different. The casing consisted of a section to which a rounded nose section and a pointed tail section of sheet steel were welded. There was only one fuze pocket. A central burster tube ran the length of the bomb case. Two baffles were welded to the body where the sections were welded together. The wall thickness was 0.16 centimeter (0.063 inch). A standard eyebolt may have been screwed into the side or nose for suspension. The tail was 54.61 centimeters (21.5 inches) long and 60.96 centimeters (24 inches) wide and was made of sheet steel. Four sheet steel vanes were secured directly to the tail cone. Bar struts were used.

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Old Chemical Weapons Reference Guide (1998)