British Bomb, 250 lb GP, Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3




This bomb body consists of a streamlined steel casting or forging threaded at the nose to take a nose adapter, which holds the central exploder tube. At the other end of the casting is a threaded base plug through which the exploder tube passes. Welded to the end of the casting is a streamlined section of thin metal, containing no explosive, but tapered to take the tail ring. The exploder also passes through this section.

Four mild steel fins are fastened to a truncated cone, and are reinforced by a cylindrical strut. The cone fits over the rear section of the bomb body and is held to it by a lock nut over the exploder tube.

A single suspension lug is secured to the body by four screws.

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OP 1665, British Explosive Ordnance (1946)