British Bomb, 250 lb MC, Mk 1, Mk 2



The bomb has a solid drawn or rolled steel body. The exploder containers screw into the nose and male base plates. This bomb has parallel sides, with an ogival nose and a slight rear taper, similar to the construction of U. S. General Purpose Bombs.  

The Bomb Mk I has a single suspension lug welded to the bomb body. The Bomb Mk II has dual lugs welded to its case for suspension from US aircraft, in addition to a single lug.

This bomb is supplied with a Tail Pistol No. 28 or 30, and may or may not be fuzed in the nose.

The Anti-Disturbance Fuze No. 845, formerly incorporated in the nose of the bombs with the Tail Pistol No. 37, is  obsolete.

Tail fins are usually painted red when a time pistol is used.

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OP 1665, British Explosive Ordnance (1946)