US Bomb, 250 lb Practice, Mk 86 Mod 0, 1




Practice bomb Mk 86 Mod 0 is a low drag configuration, the same size and shape as the Mk 81 low drag general purpose bombs. It has a streamlined nose and a conically tapered aft end. One filler hole is located on the side aft of the cylindrical section. Four fin blades, perpendicular to each other, are located forward of the rear end of the bomb. The Mk 86 Mod 0 is of thin case construction with internal reinforcement for the sway brace and ejection areas. To provide rigidity, bulkheads and channel reinforcements are used on the inside of the bomb shell. A blast tube extends from the nose to the aft end of the bomb and allows for exit of the signal smoke when fired. The firing pin assembly and signal are held in place inside the blast tube by a retaining cotter pin. Double suspension lugs are spaced 14 inches apart on the body of the Mk 86 Mod 0. Screw in lugs are used with the low drag general purpose bomb family. A hoisting lug is provided at the center of gravity of the bomb. Practice bomb signal Mk 4 Mod 3 is used with Mk 86 Mod 0. Practice bomb Mk 86 Mod 1 is similar to the Mk 86 Mod 0. The major differences between the two mods are that the Mod 1 uses an integrally-welded suspension lug and a slightly different internal design.

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