US Bomb, 3 lb Practice, Mk 5 Mod 0, 1, 2, 3




Miniature practice bombs (MPB) Mk 5 Mods 2 and 3, the MPB AN-Mk 23 Mod 1, and MPB Mk 43 Mod 1 are similar in physical appearance, but differ basically in the metal used to cast the body. Bomb Mk 5 is manufactured from zinc alloy and weighs the least of the three bombs.

Bomb AN-Mk 23 is made of cast iron. Bomb Mk 43 is manufactured from cast lead and is the heaviest of the three bombs. The cast body has a bore throughout its transverse axis which houses a signal and firing-pin assembly. Four fins are cast integrally with the bomb body.

Miniature practice bomb Mk 5 is used for bombing practice on armored-deck target boats. Bomb AN-Mk 23 is authorized for all bombing practice except that involving armored-deck target boats. MPB Mk 43 is used for low altitude, horizontal or dive bombing and on armored-deck target boats. Bombs Mk 5, AN-Mk 23, and Mk 43 are used with the Mk 4 signal. These bombs also are used with the Mk 5 signal which contains a fluorescein dye and is actuated by impact on water. When the Mk 5 signal is installed, the firing pin assembly is not used. Special containers are utilized by aircraft to carry and release these bombs.

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