US Bomb, 30 lb Chemical, M46, M46A2




The M46 and M46A2 were intended to produce such an irritating physiological effect upon enemy personnel as to make the troops ineffective. It was also used for screening troop movements.

The M46 was standardized in 1940; it replaced the M1 chemical bomb. It was a thin case bomb, cylindrical in shape and made of sheet metal. The bomb had a lug on a band at the center of gravity and a lug welded to the tail assembly.

The M46A2 was a modification of the M46. The modifications consisted of changes in fin assembly to make it more stable in flight, and body construction. The M46A2 bomb was a sheet metal cylindrical type. It was adapted for a nose fuze only. A suitable closing plug was fitted to the adapter to keep the fuze and burster cavities free of foreign matter.

The M46A2 consisted of a sheet steel tube with a hemispherical sheet steel nose welded to the tube and a male type base plate welded to the body.

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