US Bomb, 300 lb Demolition, M31




The 300 pound M31 Bomb has been replaced by the 250 pound bomb. It is identified by the rear closing cap and it has only two Army suspension lugs 14 inches apart.

It is used on the same targets as the 250 pound GP bomb. These targets are concentrations of railway rolling stock, brick and concrete buildings, aircraft installations, supply depots, and unarmored seacraft.

The length of the 300-pound demolition bomb is 51 inches and its diameter is 10.9 inches. The case is 0.2 inch thick and it weighs 124 pounds. The explosive filler consists of 135 pounds of 50/50 amatol, or 144 pounds of TNT. Total weight of the bomb is 263 pounds when loaded with 50/50 amatol, and 270 pounds when loaded with TNT. The percentage of explosive filler is 50 percent.

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