US Bomb, 350 lb Depth, AN-Mk 54 Mod 0, 1, Mk 54




This tail fuzed depth bomb has a flat nose and thin walls and is generally used against underwater targets. The flat nose reduces ricochet upon water impact. The depth of detonation is determined by the setting of the hydrostatic tail fuze. It may also be nose fuzed for use against surfaced and land targets. Two suspension lugs are welded to the body 14 inches apart and a single suspension lug is located diametrically opposite. Tapped holes are provided for attaching hoisting lugs which may be needed for the handling of the bomb. These holes are closed with special plugs. Approximately 70 percent of the weight of the bomb is high-explosive filler. With both fuzes installed, the aircraft depth bomb may be selectively armed by releasing one of the arming wires with the bomb. Depth settings are made prior to flight.

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