British Bomb, 4000 lb MC, Mk 1, Mk 2




In the Bomb Mk I the exploder containers screw into the nose and male base plate. The body has parallel sides, an ogival nose, and a slight taper at the body base. It is similar in appearance to US General Purpose Bombs. The Bomb Mk II has a strengthened after end due to better welding.

Toil Construction: The bomb employs a short type tail unit, consisting of cylindrical strut attached to a tail cone by four fins. A reach rod, having arming vanes at its rear, extends through the tail cone and engages the arming fork of the tail pistol.

The bomb has a single lug 44 in. from the nose fuze tip, for regular suspension, and dual lugs 30 in. apart diametrically opposite the single lug for suspension from US aircraft.

The Anti-Disturbance Fuze No. 845, formerly incorporated in the nose of bombs fuzed with a Tail Pistol No. 37, is obsolete.

Tail fins are usually painted red when a time pistol is used.

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OP 1665, British Explosive Ordnance (1946)