US Bomb, 50 lb Target Identification, Mk 72 Mod 1




Target Identification Bomb Mk 72 Mod 1 is used by air-coordinator planes or by scout planes from battleships to pin-point shore targets.

This colored smoke marker is for use over land only, as the bomb docs not float.

This target identification bomb consists of two units, a sheet-steel bomb body casing and a parachute assembly packed in a molded container or pack which is attached to the bomb body by means of four bayonet joints. The parachute pack houses a four foot baseball  type parachute, the chute shroud lines, the load cables, the igniter cable, and a static cord which extends out of the top of the pack. Bomb body casing contains a base block in the tail which incorporates the igniter assembly. 12 vent holes, and four eye bolts. Load cables are attached to the eye bolts; igniter cable is attached to the pull-type igniters. Between base block and the nose are the upper and lower candle assemblies.

Horizontal suspension is provided by two lugs 14 inches apart, welded onto suspension bands which are bolted to the bomb case.

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