German Bomb, 500 kg Chemical, KC 500




The German 500 kilogram chemical bomb was constructed of a drawn steel cylindrical case, a cast steel nose welded to the case, a steel casting with male filling plug welded to the case or a domed cap without filling plug attached by screws. One or two fuze pockets may have been found in this bomb. The wall thickness was 0.16 centimeter (0.063 inch). A standard German eye-bolt may have been screwed into the nose or side of the bomb for suspension. The tail was 76.2 centimeters (30 inches) long and 60.96 centimeters (24 in.) wide made of sheet metal. The tail assembly consisted of four vanes welded to the tail cone with bar type struts made of steel bars. (The weight, kind, and location of the burster is not known, but it was probably similar to the KC 250 II Gr bomb.)

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Old Chemical Weapons Reference Guide (1998)