US Bomb, 500 lb Chemical, BLU-52, BLU-52/B, BLU-52A/B




The BLU-52A/B was filled with riot control agent (i.e., 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile [CS]). The BLU-52/B ad BLU-52A/B, standard Air Force bombs, were designed for delivery by high and certain low performance aircraft .

The BLU-52 A/B chemical warfare bomb was a modified BLU-1 C/B fire bomb containing CS2 riot control agent. The bomb contained no fuze or explosive parts, and the bomb could be fitted with fins. The BLU-52/B was filled with CS1 and the BLU 52A/B was filled with carbon disulphide (CS2).

The BLU-52 did not have an explosive train, it relied entirely upon the breakup of the case at impact for agent dispersion.  

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Old Chemical Weapons and Related Materiel Reference Guide (2018)