US Bomb, 500 lb Chemical, EX-38




The EX38 was designed for carriage and release from carrier based Naval aircraft to provide toxic chemical offensive capability by aircraft.

The EX38 was suitable for carriage and release from high speed, carrier based Navy aircraft. This bomb was a low-drag design of ballistic stability and aimability with accommodations for standard fuzing of impact, variable time (VT), and electrical fuzes. It met design requirements for airborne stores, and was compatible with existing handling and transport equipment, as well as military safety and storage. The system could be set to airburst at 20 to 60 feet altitude or 100 to 160 feet altitude. It could be used with Aero 7A and Aero 20A bomb racks and Aero 3A fuze charging system. Two suspension lugs were located 14 inches apart.

The EX 38 was designed to replace the Mk 94 bomb.

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Old Chemical Weapons and Related Materiel Reference Guide (2018)