US Bomb, 500 lb Chemical, Mk 94 Mod 0 (EX-23, E110)




Gas bomb Mk 94 Mod 0 is essentially a Mk 82 Mod 1 general purpose, low drag bomb which has been modified for GB filling. The modification consists largely in the elimination of the electric cable conduits from the low drag bomb, and the addition of a burster and filler hole.

The major components of the bomb are the body section, fin assembly, arming wire assembly, nose fuze, long-stem tail fuze, burster tube with charge, and suspension and hoisting lugs. The body is of steel construction with a minimum wall thickness of 0.4 inches. Two suspension lugs are spaced 14 inches apart, with a hoisting lug located at the center of gravity. The lugs are screwed into the body. A burster well extends the length of the body cavity. The walls at the nose and tail end of the welded bomb body are internally threaded to receive the burster retainer and adapter-booster M115A1, respectively. The burster retainer is screwed into the nose after installation of the explosive burster. A nose-fuze adapter is then screwed into the nose to accommodate the nose fuze. At the tail end of the body there is a groove of smaller diameter to retain the burster. Adapter-booster M115A1 is then screwed into the aft wall of the body to accommodate the tail fuze.

When the bomb is filled with the chemical agent a void is left for expansion. Helium is injected into this void and is used to check the seal integrity. The filler hole is closed by installation of a steel ball as a primary seal, and a steel plate, resistance welded to the body, as the secondary seal.

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