US Bomb, 500 lb Fire, Mk 77 Mod 1




The 500 pound fire bomb Mk 77 Mod 1 is a 75 gallon capacity bomb obtained by modifying the 750 pound fire bomb Mk 77 Mod 0. The modification consists of cutting off approximately 2 inches from the nose and tail body sections and welding the remaining pieces together to form the smaller Mod 1. Two suspension lugs are mounted on the body 14 inches apart. Two gasket sealed filler holes are located on the upper bomb surface. The bomb is filled with approximately 72 gallons of gasoline gel. Once the bomb is filled, it can not be disassembled; it must either be used or jettisoned. Only the igniter contains an explosive burster and not the fire bomb. These bombs are used against both land and water targets.

Unpainted with markings in black.

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