US Bomb, 500 lb Incendiary, AN-M76




The body is of one-piece cast steel construction, with a base plate welded to body. A burster tube 3.5 inches in diameter. 35.75 inches long, running through the center of bomb, is welded to the nose and to the base plate. The Adapter Booster M115 screws into the base plate. The bomb tail is a cast-steel sleeve with four sheet-steel fins and internal box type struts. Suspension is accomplished by two suspension lugs welded on the body seven inches on each side of center of gravity and by a single lug, 180° removed at the center of gravity.

White phosphorus is present in the igniter, and proper precautions should be taken in disposing of these bombs. The incendiary mixture, PT1, consisting essentially of paste of magnesium, gasoline, and a thickener, liberates heat at about four times that given off by the usual incendiary mixture IM.

See Also

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