US Bomb, 500 lb Practice, Mk 87 Mod 0




Practice bomb Mk 87 Mod 0 is a low drag practice bomb, similar in size and shape to the Mk 82 general purpose bomb. It has a long, pointed nose and a conically-tapered aft end. One filler hole is located on the side, aft of the rear suspension lug. The four tail fins are canted 1 1/2 degrees to impart spin to the bomb and to insure good flight stability. The Mk 87 Mod 0 is of thin case construction with internal reinforcement for the sway brace and ejection areas. To provide rigidity, bulkheads and channel reinforcements are used on the inside of the bomb casing. Firing pin Mk 1 Mod 0 and practice bomb signal Mk 4 Mod 3 are installed in the forward end of the bomb, secured by a cotter pin. The bomb is filled with 235 pounds of wet sand or 123 pounds of water. Two suspension lugs (Mk 6 Mod 0) are spaced 14 inches apart on the body. A hoisting lug is located midway between the suspension lugs.

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