US Bomb, 500 lb SAP, AN-M58, AN-M58A1, AN-M58A2




The 500 lb SAP Bomb AN-M58A2 has a cylindrical, heavy metal casing with a pointed nose. A box-type fin assembly is attached to the aft end of the bomb body by a fin lock nut. The base plug of AN-M58A2 locks securely in place, and the adapter booster may be locked to the base plug.

This bomb accommodates both nose and tail fuzes. Tactical requirements usually nullify the need for a nose fuze; in which case, the nose fuze cavity is fitted with a solid steel plug. The 500 lb SAP Bomb AN-M58A2 was developed to provide greater penetrative ability than that afforded by a comparable weight general purpose bomb.

Suspension lugs for either single or double point suspension are welded to the bomb body. Yellow bands on the nose and aft end of the bomb body identify the explosive charge. Identifying nomenclature is stenciled in black on the olive-drab painted bomb casing. Picratol and TNT fillers account for the difference in released weights.

Bombs AN-M58A2, AN-M58A1, and AN-M58 are similar to each other in outward appearance. AN-M58A2 contains anti-withdrawal pins in the base plug, and an adapter booster which can be locked in place. Bombs AN-M58 and AN-M58A1 lack these features.

The three bombs also differ in their released weights. AN-M58 has a lighter body than its two modifications. The complete round weighs 480 pounds, of which 154.6 pounds (32.3 percent of the total bomb weight) is explosive filler. AN-M58A1 weighs 499.5 pounds as released; its explosive filler weighs 145.1 pounds (29 percent of the total bomb weight).

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