British Bomb, 500 lb Smoke, Mk 1




This bomb consists of a cylindrical metal container with a hemispherical nose and tail piece welded at either end. Burster containers are located at each end of the bomb and, in the tail, to one side of the burster tube, is a filling hole closed with a threaded plug. A tail locating ring is welded around the after portion of the bomb body.

Although provision is made in the bomb for alternate nose or tail fuzing, the nose pocket is always closed with a plug, and only the tail pocket is employed.

The Tail No. 31 Mk I consists of a sheet-metal tail cone to which are riveted four vanes supported by a cylindrical metal strut. The tail is attached to the bomb by four spring clips, which engage the tail locating ring on the after end of the bomb body. Inside the tail cone, supporting the lower end of the reach rod, is located a diaphragm with four large holes to allow air passage.

A single suspension lug is provided for carrying in British planes, while two additional lugs are located 180" around from the first for American suspension.

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