British Bomb, 6 lb IT, Mk 1




The body consists of a rolled-paper cylinder shellacked internally and externally. At the nose end an adapter is attached to a chamfered cardboard washer, and threaded internally to receive the pistol. The main filling is held in the body between a paper cup amidships and two felt washers at the nose, which position the exploder. The paper cup is supported by a cardboard washer, which is in turn supported by a split collar secured to the body by four rivets.

No separate tail unit is used. The empty after portion of the body serves as a tail.

The bomb is suspended by a suspension lug on a band approximately six inches from the nose.

This bomb is used to provide realistic bombing attacks on infantry undergoing training. The bomb is splinterless, but the noise and flash are comparable to those of a medium sized bomb used for dive bombing operations.

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