British Bomb, 60 lb IT, Mk 1




The body and tail unit are in one piece, and are manufactured of rolled and pressed paper. The rolled-paper charge container, containing pentolite, rests on a felt washer seated on a diaphragm in the body. The head of the charge container is closed by a rolled-paper head which is pinned, shellacked, and taped in position. The head is recessed to house the pistol adapter. A 6 in. extension rod is fitted to the Nose Pistol No. 42, by means of a spring washer, after the arming vane cap has been removed.

The bomb is suspended by a single suspension lug approximately 10 in. from nose of bomb, which is secured to the bomb body by two bolts.

This bomb is designed to be used in training operations of ground personnel, simulating realistic bombing attacks.

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OP 1665, British Explosive Ordnance (1946)