US Bomb, 750 lb Fire, BLU-27/B, BLU-27A/B, BLU-27B/B, BLU-27C/B




The 750 pound fire bomb BLU-27/B is a welded version of fire bomb BLU-1B/B. The bomb is assembled, welded, filled, and packaged at the factory. Therefore, there are no applicable field assembly procedures as in the nested models of other fire bombs.

The other principal differences between this bomb and the earlier BLU-1B/B are that the newer model has modified filler caps; the fuze cable is assembled to the bomb at the time of manufacture, and the aft bulkhead is reversed with the flange pointing rearward.

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Collaborative Ordnance Data Repository

TM 9-1325-200, Bombs and Bomb Components (1966)